Tyre Stretch Wrapping Machine

Tyre Stretch Wrapping Machine

• Fully Automatic Machine.

• Heavy duty turn table for all industrial applications.

• Sturdy mast and machined guide ways for guiding the stretch unit.

• Compact stretch unit with change gears to vary stretch percentage.

• Suitable for a wide range of stretch film material.

• Modular in construction

Technical Specification:

Inner diameter Min. 400mm
Outside diameter Max. 1400mm; Min. 650mm
Height Max. 400mm; Min. 270mm
Weight / pallet Max. 250 kg
Table height 935mm
Max. roller speed 40 rpm
Max. ring speed 60 rpm
Power required 415V, Three phase , 50 Hz
Installed power 1.86 kW / 2.5 HP
Material LLDPE - Stretch film / HDPE - Woven sacks
Film width 200mm
Film thickness 15-40 µ (30µ recommeded)
Core diameter 50.8mm or 76.2mm
Maximum film diameter 220mm
Number of Packing rolls 2