Bag Closing Machine REVO Model :DA / DAD

Bag Closer Machine

DAD - Twin-Needle, Two-Thread Bag Closer

This machine also features reinforced feed mechanism consisting of wider presser foot and feed dog with a bigger throat plate than conventional double chain-stitch bag closing machines for smoother, even and better looking plain and folded top closures. Revo® double thread bag-closing machine is ideal for bag closing applications requiring a two thread, safer closure. This machine is more versatile but just as dependable as a stationary bag closer. For the geo-textile industry, this machine offers a durable and tight stitch to meet required specifications.

Technical Specification:

Sewing Speed Efficient production: Maximum sewing speed 1600-1800 stitches per minute
Dimensions 12in. H x 12in. W x 13in. D (30 cm x 30 cm x 33 cm)
Stitch Length 3.5 stitches/inch (25.4mm) Fixed
Maximum Material Thickness 10mm
Cutter Type Mechanical
Thread 8oz. Cotton or Synthetic thread cones.
Space Between Parallel Chain Stitches 8mm
Power Requirements 220V
Weight 6.25 kg.
Type Of Stitch Double thread/chain stitch
Closing-speed 5 - 8 sec/bag, 39 fpm at 3.5 stitches/inch (25.4mm)
Types Of Bags All kinds of multi-wall paper, kraft-paper, burlap, cotton, PP/PE, Hessian, woven polyester, jute bags etc
Lubricant For extended lubrication and wear, use SAE 30 Oil