Battery Operated Strapping Tool

Battery Operated Strapping Tool

• Adjustable tension Max. 250 kg ( 2500N )

• The most economic combination tool for standard duty strapping.

• Automatic tension. Automatic friction weld sealing and cutting.

• No metal seals required. A protection shelter keeps tension & sealing adjustment knobs from undesired touch.

• Ergonomic design and excellent weight distribution reduce hand strength

• Alloyed Magnesium Aluminum mechanism ensures light and durable structure.

• Easy “One-Step“ straps inserting User self-adjustable front & rear strap guiders to fit different strap widths. User changeable strap cutting blade and other wearing parts.

• 14.4V 3.0Ah Li-Ion high capacity rechargeable battery.

• BOSCH 30 minutes charger.

• Optional hanger reduces operation fatigue.

• Max. strap thickness 1.27mm ( 0.05”) is allowed.

Technical Specification:

Model Battery Charger Voltage Fits Poly Strap Strap Width Strap Thickness Approx Tension Range Sealing Efficiency
mm inch mm inch
ZP22-6C-Li 115V PP 12-16 1/2-5/8 0.60-1.27 .0.24-.05 25-100kg 85+-5%
220V PET 50-250kg
ZP22-9C-Li 230V PP 16-19 5/8-3/4 0.75-1.27 .0.29-.05 30-120kg
240V PET 50-250kg