Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines Without Top Press

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines Without Top Press


K1100 pallet wrapping machine was designed base on higher performance and lower noise, higher protect level and lower power consumption, during 1-year research and test, this new model bring a big surprise to us!

Our Machine Features:

• Machine run more smoothly with longer service life and lower failure rate.

• Laser positioning cutting process and welding technology for machine frame.

• Better stability, lower noise, turntable rotary more smoothly.

• Convenient for spare parts replace and maintenance.

• Easy operate on PLC by setting the functional parameters.

• Back to home position automatically before and after package.

• Freely adjust the set parameters to meet the Needs of differentiate packaging.

• Film carriage with anti-press foot unit.

• Closed electrical cabinet integrated into the mast, save space and higher protect level.

• Roller under the turntable could adjustable by itself to suit different products so that the noise is very low.

• Very easy to change roller which under the turntable.

• Manual carriage Up/down control on the HMI.

• Machine designed with Europe standard, meeting the CE requirement.

• All mechanical motion start and stop softly.

• Very easy to install in customer's factory.

• Modular design, ramp, top plate is optional

Technology Data:

Model K1100
Wrap size (L X W) (500-1200)mm X (500-1100)mm
Wrap height (max) 2400mm or customized
Turntable diameter 1650mm
Turntable rotary speed 0-12rpm adjustable by inverter
Turntable height 78mm
Turntable weight capacity (max) 3000Kg
Film carriage Pre-stretch / customized stretch ratio: 200%-400%
Mechanical -stretch / stretch ratio:150%
Wrap efficiency 20-40 Pallets/Hour
Mast(lift system) Film carriage lift speed adjustable by inverter
Control system PLC control
Total weight(max) 450kg
Power/voltage Turntable:0.75kw Film carriage:0.37kw Mast: 0.37kw/ AC220V 50HZ
Machine size 2460mm X 1650mm X 2700mm
Ramp Optional
Top plate(Pneumatic) Optional

Main Electric Elements Brand:

Name QTY. Brand Remark
Motor 3 WanXin (Taiwan) CE
Inverter 2 Schneider (France) CE
HMI 1 Xinjie (China) CE
Photoelectrical switch - Schneider (France) CE
Proximity switch - OMRON (Japan) CE
Contactor - Schneider (France) CE
Pneumatic system - ZC (China) CE