Handy Inkjet Printer

Handy Inkjet Printer

• The CodTech Handheld Printer is able to Print 04 Lines (Print Height is 12.7MM) with LOGO, QR CODE, Bar-Code and variable Data Like Auto Date System, Serial Number, Counters on any surface.

• The Handheld Printer is using the Solvent Base / Water Base Ink cartridges, it is with ZERO maintenance

• Like our office printer, operation becomes very easy, just need few minutes, you can know very well about this machine and can operate it

• For the Ink color, you can change it at anytime, No need to change the machine or any accessories

• This printer is fully electronic core system and does not have any air pump, viscosity control unit,. Filters etc. So there is no maintenance required ( No AMC )

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